The power of the drum is the thread that weaves together the vibrant tapestry that is Doum Sound. It is the foundation of the music and the inspiration for their name. Based in Chicago, the group embarks on an exploration of rhythm, rhyme, melody, and harmony. With a positive vibration expressed through their own unique style dubbed “groove roots”, the collective of musicians whisp the audience away  on a journey of percussion heavy reggae, hip hop, rock, and world beat that has been described as a “healthy balance of psychedelic soundscapes and danceable grooves.”
        Doum Sound has performed at many events and festivals in and around Chicago; notably — Mole de Mayo Festival, Electro-Reggae at Double Door, Boogie Down at the East Room, Villapalooza, Q4 Chicago Exchange Block Party, Tribal Stomp, Square Roots Festival, First Night Evanston, and the Valparaiso World Cultural Festival.


Ra'yon I

Guitar ~ Vocals


Multi-instrumentalist from Chicago.  A specialist in North African and Middle Eastern rhythms, he is also a songwriter, lyricist, producer, band leader, teaching artist, and student of life.



Gregorio Guadalupe



Drum Kit ~ Vocals


Born in Hungry Hills, St. Croix, USVI of Puerto Rican Decent, Mandingo began playing drums as a child. He has played professionally with reggae, Congo, rock & roll, americana, and salsa entities.


Hiram X



Started playing piano at the age of 2, organ at 9, bass at 13, drums at 21, and electronic music at 28. He is inspired by boogie, soul, jazz, funk, reggae, and gnawa music.  Hiram studied with Stax string arranger Dale O. Warren, Miles Davis' bassist, Richard Patterson, and Sun Ra.


Ian Rocka

Darbouka ~ Vocals


His roots stem from India, but he grew up in Chicago. Learning how to play piano and sing at a young age, Ian used his skills to become a performer at the age of 7 using instruments made out of recycled materials. Later, Ian began studying different types of World Music, specifically percussion. Ian is also a Music Teacher at a special education school.



David Gueringer



Keys ~ Vocals


Classically and Jazz trained pianist with a lot of soul. DMajor is an all around musician, composer, and songwriter.



Larry Fairchild





Wildchild adds to the Sound with clarinet, backup vocals, percussion, sugar, spice, and everything vice.



Jess Anzaldúa


La Chilindrina



Chicago native of Puerto-Rican descent who plays contemporary and folkloric percussion.  She incorporates Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, funk, house, latin jazz, salsa, and cumbia grooves into her playing and is continually expanding on new styles and genres.


Lessic Franco


Puerko Pitzotl

Percussion ~ Vocals


Born in Tenochtitlan, Mexico & currently residing in West Chicago, Puerko performs as multi-instramentalist playing percussion, using his voice, and as a DJ Selecta.